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Rating: 8.4 (104 votes)
Taken from the own-age.com description by c-dr!k:
"Special presentation for the first Moscow International Cyber-Movie Festival.

This event ended 17 july 2005 in the biggest internet club called "FlashBack".

This movie won the 1st place, enjoy.

ę 2005 Moscow, Igor "egious" Nivikov
This movie is made in the memory of the russian Q3 server Q3.DEMOS.SU which was created on January 5th 2000 and terminated May 1st 2004.

Maybe you have seen the trailer that was released some time ago, and if you enjoyed that, you should download this movie. It's not a frag movie, so don't expect any frags. But if you like gaming movies in general, and Q3 this is a must-download.