Over the weekend United States of America/Sweden/Norway NoA has been doing some major restructuring, with their once star player Norway Ola "elemeNt" Moum, whom they bought from Schroet Kommando, leaving the team for the sunny coasts of Brazil where he will be joining up with Brazil mibr. In order for elemeNt to be able to leave the team, mibr had to buy out his contract for an undisclosed fee, but after NoA's victory at WEG and other good results from the team, his departure will come as a surprise to many. However, it seems money has come into it and the Brazilian company have clearly tabled a better deal for the Norwegian star.

This left NoA with only 4 active players and with WEG season 2 coming up plus the world tour, another player was needed ASAP. The person to fill that gap is former SK player Sweden Fisker, who was formerly in Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas but never played a game for the newly-formed team. Here's the official statement from Team-NoA:

Of course, Fisker is a seasoned and very experienced top-tier competitor; his accomplishments are numerous. We noticed he wasn't in NiP's active lineup when they pulled out of ECG 2005 because of Hyper getting ill on location. It was quite shocking to see that he wasn't, we talked and things just rapidly built up from there.

This has left the WEG champions with the following line-up:
Sweden Fisker
Canada shaGuar
United States of America method
Norway Naikon
Norway XeqtR

United States of America Destructo (inactive)