Everything you say can and will be held against you

Although there are many who want me to comment this accusation I actually didn't want to answer because the whole thing appears ridiculous to me and there is no way you can defend yourself in such a situation. Everything you say can be used against you. Further more to that point I will tell you later.

I won't start right away with the issue of this case (the actual demo) but I want to start where people who obviously (or blatanty? wasn't it your very own word?) want to see burning in hellfire. Without any proof but a huge capacity of scenes of the year 2002, some phantasy and oh yes - I was astonished as I read the lies you used to make people believe I am a cheater.

So I want to start with the past:
I have not been kicked from c58. I was teamcaptain of c58.europe and with nobody attending our train times I said this is makes no sense and I leave the clan, thus c58*doz3r became squadleader.
Before I have kicked Capone because he almost never was there and when he was there he left trains and official games in the middle of the clanwar or just in the middle of a map without any reason. A short time after having kicked him. I have played in a duel ladder of the ESL a dm6 duel game vs psyr3x. Really strange, in every practice game vs psyr3x in the past weeks before the match I have won any of the dm6 games, but I haven't won all ztn games. As we've played dm6 then about 5 minutes after the start I have hit a rail and he said "wallhack?". He accepted the loss and everything was fine - if there were no comments of the demo. They were discussing the demo whether I cheated or not. Nothing happened. In the same week, people upped faked demos of my nickname which was c58-satan that time on which you can see "me" using an aimbot with like 60lightning gun, 80 railgun or something on a public server. They upped them to cached, to ESR, even cyberfight (lol?) and people believed them. Which is extremely ridiculous. Some of the demos had a wrong background color and others had a lower ping than I always have had and a different movement. Whatever I thought, intelligent people don't believe that crap and thus I went on with playing. And I have been kicked by the ESL cause the admin of that time, his name was "qu1ckdeath" said, satan maybe you are really cheating or you aren't - I have to ban you because too many who take part in the leage do think now you would cheat. (1 year later he came to me in IRC saying, I have watched you in many duels now and I recognized you don't cheat you always play like this, I am sorry - if you want you can play ESL again)
Now to aNc, in 2001 I was part of the italian team of the ancients while aNc.de (unmatched were playing eurocup). The people of almost the whole former italian team know me from reallife and from lanparties. Two years later I was captain of aNc.europe and another 2 years later I was leader of the whole clan. Who kicked me from aNc tbh?
Now to eoe*d1ablo who said I would've played vs someone at a swedish server with 27/27 railgun shots, oh dear - can you swear to god this is the truth? - If you do so this would be blasphemy.
Anyway, I have got a ping of 66-75 on .se-servers. I never ever play in sweden. And what d1ablo said are pure lies, otherwise please give us the demo.

Well I am not sure about what is going on here because there are some people like eoe*d1ablo and especially zealot who don't argument with facts or any kind of proof but you will find them in all threads and all comments more than once.

Zealot: Comments on planetquake.de: <39> / <75> / <80> / <84> / <88> / <147>
On ESR <10> / <17> / <28> / <30> / <85>
I am sorry I haven't posted what he said because I am too lazy to translate all the bullshit.
Well I don't think anything he is saying is written in an objective point of view. His ONLY aim is to make people believe I am cheating. And there's another point I don't get. He says several times he cannot watch the demo with a wallhack because he hasn't got any. HMMMMM !?!? When I have got no wallhack why should I repeat myself all the time by saying "sorry cannot watch the demo with wallhack because i haven't got any / as I already said I haven't got any..........." This - for me at least - is quite suspicious because usually one would say "could you please give me a link to a working wallhack". But why does he underline he hasn't got any cheat. I mean - nobody asked him to do this? Is he afraid he could be accused or is it just his bad conscious?
Now about rage and storm. Which made me laugh even more because i don't give a fuck on what zealot is saying in his propaganda-comments.
Here is an excerpt of storms post:

<SK|fox> :)
<rage_> owned :)
<rage_> thanks very much for the input
<rage_> it helps alot

I am asking myself why the hell does rage say: "it helps alot".
Why does it help? Because they can convince more people when they have got fox on their side or is it because they can persuade more people when there are other wellknown people who support them. I mean well it's not the point whether they try to convince or to persuade, the point is just rage is not acting objective, neither does storm. They use propaganda and rethorical weapons against me. Because they know there is no proof at all in the demo - there is absolutely nothing but a guy playing since 6 years who is a dueller and rocks at ztn and especially dm6 (his homemap) and you can also see a guy that has got quite a lot of luck in a 2on2 game versus a 4on4 Eurocup player and a dueller. The sentence "...and quickly I entered a state of shock regarding the kind of shots satan was pulling off on us..." is massively written in a rethoric language, I still have got to laugh about it. But I don't want to analyize metaphors and irony or anything else everything's still too ridiculous to me. Btw. I could write in a rethoric manner too but I try to appeal to the people's intelligence instead of using mass-hysteria which always led to events people didn't want or at least regretted in the end.
Another thing is the fact that storm said "I've seen satan play while I was in aNc" which is not true at all. We've played once together it was a 2on2 of me with an average-skilled player vs Zyb and Storm on dm6 in my inactive time. I had not time to train quake at all as I was in trouble with studying physics.

Now to the actual demo. For me, there's nothing but quite a lot of luck concerning some of my railshots and a lot of teamplay. There are several scenes in which mao said where the enemy is.
Especially the scene at bridge where I am waiting for the enemy with my rail to appear in the "rail-hole". People that say you cannot see an enemy should maybe use a different cg_enemymodel (!) to get what I am saying. Mao and me have trained for about 3-4 weeks 2on2 with EC teams. Now in Q3Tour we were in loserbracketfinal vs storm+rage after more than 6 hours of "2on2-train" that day on our homemap dm6. I said to mao on teamspeak don't take them too low, storm is an EC player and it's dangerous to go low on them. So I was really nervous and tried to get every possible frag instead of playing the map 100% safe. If you see storms and rages demo you might be able to assume they had no teamplay at all (really funny - maybe cause both of them don't know how to play 2on2 on dm6???) We played vs fox+tox that day a train on dm6 too and tox said we play good at ztn and dm6. We suck at ospdm11 and pt7, because for me as a dueller dm6 and ztn it is so easy to predict what enemy is going to do (for players like tox it's maybe even easier cause you have got no chance at all vs him on dm6). storm said we played low vs calipt and draven on ospdm11 and dm6 because of GTV. This is another point which is not true. In the beginning of the game vs calipt and draven on dm6 our teamplay worked pretty well but later we made a mistake and soon enemy had RA safe for a longer period of time. What to do then but safing rail&ya and trying to get rocket to keep enemy there. It's a status ingame where you cannot make as many frags as like you could when you had the mapcontrol back. And ospdm11 we tried our best too. We played several games on ospdm11 vs PZZ and cs4u and we have entirely lost vs both of them on ospdm11. PT7 is another hate-map of us, on which we've lost like 60:120 vs EYE. To rule on dm6 vs a team consisting of someone who took part in several EC 4on4 games (which is a totally different gamestyle) and someone who plays averageskilled duels is really really not difficult when you play in a 3-week-every-day-2on2-train-team and your homemaps are ztn and especially dm6.

Well I have played against and with a lot of people on LAN - and I haven't lost a single duel tourney on any lanparty I have attended. (from 5 to 600 people-LANs). At LanArena7 I have won vs unity, appleseed and people sat behind me who watched me playing. Others like Lizahd were there too - he is someone who really thought I would cheat before he met me on LAN. c58.europe have played with me on a dozen LANs where I had 60-70+ frags in a single TDM game and you can ask them too about this issue. They will tell you my shaft and plasma aim isn't really neat and they can tell you I always have got this shaking aimstyle with plasma and shaft.

Not all can play like toxic and not all who play good in a game against two 2on2-beginners have to play in the same way toxic would act in any situation to be succesful.

BTW.: The plasma spam after 5:30 was meant to prevent the guy at rail from jumping down to the 2nd-floor - I couldn't know someone would enter this area through the door.

But now to the actual point. I don't defend myself how many of you would do this in such a situation. Cause if you say something people turn it around and use it against you again - what's the use of any defense then? It's particularly the reason why I actually didn't want to comment anyone of you. If I had said: If I cheated, why should I have sent you the demo then? - You would say "because it would have been suspicious not to give us the demo" Then I could have also said, "I haven't done a demo of that game." And so on... Actually it was me who said "storm, I send you the demo later" as you disconnected. I told you to send you the demo even before you asked for it. And I didn't offer it, I said I would send you the demo. Please, someone sending a 6-year-old Q3 and EC player a demo on which he is cheating would be really dumb. I was even glad you wanted to have it because I thought, <<oh my god, storm really is in doubt whether we played fair.>>
I was glad to be able to prove my innocence. But hell no, everything turned into a big bubble of nonsense. There are lots of games I've lost in the past 3 weeks - including games on dm6. And I don't see a reason why - if I really had a cheat that works on punkbuster - I should keep on using it against a team that has got no chance vs our teamplay. To be honest, I really think a wallhack would be enough to beat you. Why autoshoot or autoaim? If you have got a wallhack and go all the time +back? Maybe you can use it in a hidden way. Well I wouldn't use it for sneak attacks. But I would use it in a different manner. With a WH you know where you can go on the whole map. Thus you could get every weapon and armor you want - all the time. Sooner or later you get mapcontrol back then. TBH - I am sure of being able to win vs fox and tox with a wallhack. Wallhack would be enough to beat any 2on2 team on the entire world (and even any dueller). One last thing, people that don't flick with the rail always let the enemy run in it. So every rail of everybody using this aimstyle could be done by autoshoot. Hence when someone has got a rail of 55-65 in the first 5 minutes of a game - he must use autoshoot - right?

Well I have already written to much but I am still angry at all this crap.
So I quote you storm: "(Also I should point out that there was no GTV during our games)"

and challenge you for a repitition of exactly that game on a punkbuster1 server with 300 GTV slots.
demos will be made. although I haven't played since sunday I am sure we'll be able to win again vs you - as high as we already did. You might play all +back and hiding - in order not to lose too high, but I don't care. I advise you to stop this f***** propaganda-crap cause, ffs it takes your honour away.
I did not use anything but my own config, a Teamspeak client, and what you can install from the Q3 CD + the pointrelease 1.32 and OSP.
This is all I have to say to you.

Yours sincerely,

P.S.: Thank you fox, for supporting me because the thing with the aimbot at YA with plasma is so unbelievable - people who believe you concerning that scene really should attend some psychatrist.