Myself and rage signed up as DC for this tourney hoping that it'd be something fun to do, but what happened neither of us expected.
Basically we were doing okish, working our way up out of the loser bracket. Our next opponents were aL.MSI (Satan and Mao), I know satan from my old tdm clan aNc and therefore assumed this would be quite a fun match.
Also this being the loser backet final, it was quite important so we went into it with high expectations.....

The game began and quickly I entered a state of shock regarding the kind of shots satan was pulling off on us, it was completely unbelievable. In all the years I've played this game, I have never ever encountered such an opponent, and it was even more shocking since I've seen satan play while I was in aNc and he was no where near as good.
At one point I disconnected, and then realising that I could be wrong and it'd be extremely lame to just quit I rejoined and continued the game.. giving aL the benefit of the doubt. But quickly the same things happened over and over again, untill I started confronting them about it.
Basically satan was saying how extremely shocked and depressed he was due to my accusations, and I started to think that maybe I was being paranoid. I'm not one to go around accusing things, but rage agreed with me completely that something odd was going on.
(Also I should point out that there was no GTV during our games)
We accepted defeat, and continued to watch their next match on GTV. It was quite obvious that aL werent really trying as hard against these opponents, this pointed out that obviously they dont want people on GTV noticing.

Satan *amazingly* sent me his demos to 'prove his innocence' which was rather odd, since after reviewing the demo's it became blatently obvious that he was using some kind of cheat.
^ if anyones interested

I spoke to the admin immediatly, he was very suspicious about the demo's. I then showed them to a number of other people, and rage also asked IC-Fox to view them.
everyone agree'd.

fox said we could quote him here:
<SK|fox> hehe
<SK|fox> 100% sure he's cheating
<SK|fox> 5:38
<SK|fox> timescale 0.1 and zoom in
<SK|fox> the second plasma burst
<SK|fox> aimbot definitely
<rage_> hehehe
<SK|fox> no doubt in my mind
<SK|fox> :)
<rage_> owned :)
<rage_> thanks very much for the input
<rage_> it helps alot
<SK|fox> np
<rage_> mind if i can quote you sometime? if i have to
<SK|fox> go ahead
<SK|fox> paste all you want
<rage_> thanks man :)

and basically, all the admins (including the admin of a previous 1v1 cup that satan won, btourney i think) agree that hes using some sort of a wallhack/aimbot.
I'm glad that myself and rage didn't ignore this and just put it down to bad luck, many many q3 players have wasted their time in these tournaments due to satan and to be quite honest I think its despicable and displays a general lack of respect for any other players in these tournaments.

Personally I found this hard to believe myself, since I've known satan for over a year now. But I'm glad that what we did that day has made a big difference to many players out there who were cheated, while having the integrity not to question their opponent.

Signing off... a very tired storm.

(thanks to the admins dcm and Grave for taking the time to review demos etc, and all other players who supported us)

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