This is a collection of guides and articles covering almost everything you need to know to get started in promode team deathmatch. We'll be going over some of the basics like configs and movement, and some more in-depth stuff like knowing the maps and tactics.

But before we go on you've got to have the game and mod installed; so if you haven't already, get the latest quake 3 arena point release from here and the full promode package from here, now you're all set for some team deathmatch action.

Please note this guide was originally tailored for 1.1 and since the newer release has changed some of the gameplay ideas of it, not everything will be relevant anymore.

page 1 - configs - tweaking your config for cpm
page 2 - movement - learning how to fly, literally
page 3 - basics - some handy tdm tips and tricks
page 4 - tactics - cpm4, cpm18i and cpm21 tactics
page 5 - where now ? - places to go to try out cpm tdm
page 6 - sources - shoutouts and places to visit
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