This conversation just happened to me on irc.
Nick and host changed to protect the innocent.

Session Start: Wed Jul 23 14:36:01 2003
14:36 Session Ident: Clownboat (~b*@la.ala)
14:36 <Clownboat> Zulg?
14:36 <zulg|borta> yes dear?
14:36 <Clownboat> fisk i pannen
Session Close: Wed Jul 23 14:38:21 2003

Session Start: Wed Jul 23 14:42:31 2003
14:42 Session Ident: Clownboat (~b@.lala)
14:42 <Clownboat> i disconnected but now im back.
14:42 <Clownboat> any good games lately?
14:43 <zulg|borta> nope
14:43 <Clownboat> none?
14:44 <Clownboat> got ur user.ini
14:44 <zulg|borta> me too
14:44 <Clownboat> you left handed?
14:44 <zulg|borta> yepp
14:44 <Clownboat> HEHE
14:44 <Clownboat> aint that hard?
14:45 <zulg|borta> yes, in the same way we lefthanded have problems eating and playing tennis
14:45 <Clownboat> hehe
14:45 <Clownboat> ur funny
14:45 <Clownboat> i got a friend left handed
14:46 <zulg|borta> im happy for you
14:46 <Clownboat> i dont understand how he can write with his left hand. when i write with my left hand it gets totally fucked up. like wtf is that.
14:47 <Clownboat> bow 2 leper messiah
14:47 <zulg|borta> you are not very bright are you?
14:47 <Clownboat> nope
14:47 <zulg|borta> okidokey
14:47 <Clownboat> im dark =p
14:49 <Clownboat> how come they broadcast games on mIRC
14:51 <zulg|borta> yes, it makes no sense at all does it
14:51 <Clownboat> :p
14:51 <Clownboat> it is kewl though
14:54 <Clownboat> ^why dont you play cs. sweden is best i CS you know
14:54 <zulg|borta> because im lefthanded
14:54 <zulg|borta> they dont allow lefthanded players in cs
14:55 <Clownboat> what
14:55 <Clownboat> that sux
14:55 <Clownboat> it`s like discrimination
14:55 <zulg|borta> yeah its fucking stupid
14:55 <Clownboat> like deaf cant watch tv
14:56 <Clownboat> it doesnt make sense
14:57 <zulg|borta> is it ok if i log this?
14:57 <Clownboat> hehe
14:57 <Clownboat> ok
14:57 <Clownboat> why not...
14:57 <Clownboat> go ahead
14:58 <zulg|borta> can i post this somewhere also to make people stop discriminating us lefthanded guys who wanna play cs?
14:58 <Clownboat> ok
14:58 <Clownboat> i dont mind
14:58 <zulg|borta> k, thanks
14:58 <Clownboat> goes 2 something good
14:58 <zulg|borta> we need to build some kind of opinion against this oppression
14:58 <Clownboat> i agree.
14:58 <Clownboat> it is not good
14:59 <zulg|borta> its like letting runners with shoes only participate in the winter olympics on even thursdays
14:59 <zulg|borta> like insane
14:59 <Clownboat> hehe
14:59 <Clownboat> what if they did it 2 right handed.
15:00 <Clownboat> you cant play unreal2k3 beacause you are right handed
15:00 <Clownboat> doesnt make sense either
15:01 <zulg|borta> do you play cs?
15:02 <Clownboat> i "play" it but not always
15:02 <zulg|borta> just make sure you dont try lefthanded or they will ban your wonid
15:03 <Clownboat> most ut UT2k3
15:03 <zulg|borta> like dont let your leftie friend play at your computer
15:03 <zulg|borta> ofcourse ut2 is ok
15:03 <Clownboat> your the best right...
15:03 <zulg|borta> left
15:03 <Clownboat> ok
15:04 <Clownboat> i ment in the world(ut2k3)
15:04 <zulg|borta> nope, im prolly somewhere in the top 16 though
15:04 <Clownboat> kewl
15:04 <zulg|borta> but now i have to go and post this conversation on some discriminating site!
15:04 <zulg|borta> GL & HF
15:05 <zulg|borta> GG
15:05 <Clownboat> who was the best, i dont remember
15:05 <Clownboat> GG =p
15:05 <zulg|borta> best is sairas
15:05 <Clownboat> k, see you around
Session Close: Wed Jul 23 15:06:45 2003

I hope that he was just pulling my leg, otherwise faith in mankind--