I heard her for this first time during the ESReality Online tournament, she casted the gopher-fox match and I was really surprised on the way she did it , a female caster, who knows alot and she also knows whatever she talks about. She is one of my favourite casters already and I can't wait to hear her casting the ESReality Online finals.

I had an interview with one of the only female esport caster, her name is Alison better known on the net as trillian, as a caster of the Team Sportcast Network. Trillian did the ESReality Online tournament, she amazed many of us with her casting skills. In this interview I talk with her about "her and shoutcasting", if casting games is really that easy as people think. This and many more in this interview with TsN's United States of America trillian.

Never heard a casted game of her? click on this link. This is a list of casted matches during the ESo.
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