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Hi all,
I havent made a movie in some 10 years but this year's DFWC was so fantastic I put together some memorable moments and runs.

A few notes:

-This movie is meant as a celebration of the event and a tribute to the brilliant work of the organisers, mappers, streamers, donators and of course the runners. My respect and thank you to everyone involved, it was an amazing event.

-I focused on top20 runs and I tried to offer a large variety of runners, a healthy balance of vq3 and cpm. There was twice as much material as I could use so I had to make some hard choices, if you are a top20 runner and you did not make it into the movie I hope you understand.

-No Top1 runs. It is an unspoken tradition that movie makers much more skilled than myself eternalise the DFWC with a top1 runs movie. I did not use any of the top1 material for this reason.