Pontus "Zhu" Aberg, polarizing Quake Live player and ESReality community member, passed away late in the evening, Monday, March 31, 2014, at the tender age of 22. He was discovered alone in his room, a report on the cause of death has not been publicized by his family. His roommate, Milo Loden, commented on discovering his friend's body:

We weren't really friends, he didn't really get along with anybody in the house. He would stay up late hours yelling "come at me, brah" and "it's fucking zhu", among others, while we would try sleeping for work. When we would try to confront him politely, he would just ask us why his life should suffer just because we hadn't been milkringers in our youth. He was unusually quiet for two nights, and I was torn between being grateful and hopeful that he had matured, and worrying that something may be wrong. There's a period of indecision when you share a house with somebody, that you should check on them. With Pontus, that period was very large, because we tried to avoid his room. He would try to capture us on his webcam, which had tape over the recording light. My girlfriend once told me he asked her to feel how comfortable his bed was, and when she was laying down he started chatting on his webcam about her being his girlfriend. She was so embarrassed that she couldn't move. His room had this strange smell of expired milk, but I guess that's no more. He was truly an odd man, but it's sad to see death in any capacity.

Zhu, condemned by the vocal loathing of stringent anti-cheat advocates, though once a promising rising star in the Swedish Quake scene, fell deep into disgrace after a painfully long and winding path toward redemption, ultimately sacrificing his hard work with attempts at threatening and cajoling id Software staff members into permitting the reinstatement of the legitimacy of his account.

He grew up in rural Sweden, showing early signs of masterful hand eye coordination when, as nothing more than a precocious and well-spoken toddler, he would milk cows blindfolded in underground Swedish milk ring circuits. Albert Dahlgren, a retired milkringer, sung Zhu's praises:

I remember the boy (chuckles). Never seen a milk bucket so clean for my life. He gripped the teat as a lover, like he was giving CPR to an injured baby bird, and he'd hum while stroking the milk free, strangest method I ever saw. I won't lie, I sat up many nights frustrating myself to no end trying to figure it out. Never did, and maybe I'm better off not knowing. He was a good kid, we'll miss him.

Zhu's father, Gebert, raised his son to seek mastery of every task. When asked if he had ever been aware of his son's reputation in Quake communities, he responded:

He has ever been a fierce competitor, this is true. I remember the milkringing days, we cleaned up the 1997 tour. The first time I saw him perform, I was stunned and feeling a pride that only a father can feel for his first born son, but at the same time some awkward disappointment over his gentle treatment of the teat. It was then that I realized he possessed something that I lacked, some sturdiness of spirit that would allow him to succeed in the face of negativity from the crowd. Even in my shame my young son proved me his value. I love you, Pontus. I am so lost, son, why did you leave me? Who am I without you? How could I have failed you? (Wails of despair)

The post will be updated when a PayPal account for collections and donations for services is established. Civil comments will be a great benefit to his family during this difficult period.