QC CTF, with something like, Athena CTF would be appealing imho. With unlimited grapples, PQL movement, and 4 runes. Quake 1 was a major hit, with CTF being the most popular format, in the US and Europe. Quake 2 people loved the grapple there too. They would have loved Quake 1 more, as the Quake 2 Rocket Launcher was too slow, and the new railgun 100 dmg was a game breaker imho. and the grapple not as good.

Grapple was a great tool for n00bs, who had limited movement experience, who could hop on, grapple around and have a bit of fun. Then grapple to a weapon, and eventually be able to contribute to the game.

QC CTF, choice of Slash, is just quake 4 and it wasn't success in CTF.