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hi, i'm United States of America davjs.
you might know me as davis if you played duel in North America in Quake Live circa 2011-2016.
this is a Team Fortress Classic frag video.
edited together by davjs, aka lateral0lz.
the TFC community is seeing a resurgence as a result of the CoVID-19 Pandemic and I thought I'd take a moment to meld the old with the new and celebrate a game I have been playing since I was a teenager.
took 8 demos from the last 2 days, threw it together.

If you're an old Team Fortress veteran, I have good news! The Catacombs old database has been recovered. They have put up the site again at:
There are also several discords and a 6v6 league currently being ran with world wide participants. If you're interested!:
Team Fortress Beer League:

The Catacombs Discord: