i always thought that these "custom mechanical switches with low travel and quickness" was just fucking marketing bullshit and that a 6gv2 was the wmo of keyboards

bought Logitech g413 carbon with romer-g mech switches, just cuz my 6gv2 was dying.

and.... WTF holy shit the quickness and feeling of the romer-g, it's like i'm playing on a laptop keyboard except with very good tactile feel and... instant onscreen response, by instant i really mean it, FUCKING FAST

ofc it doesn't make you like, 10% better, but unlike what i used to think, keyboard isn't only a matter of comfort.

it feels like mirror strafe-aiming is PERFECT mirror wtf, and the variation in dodging is larger than on my old black switches, like, not only a feeling, i made some test, pressing adadadadadad as fast as possible and looking at the speedmeter's line, it's smaller than on my 6gv2 :O

remember, won't make a HUGE diff obviously, but i trully think it can make you dodging or strafe-aiming prolly 3-5% better, which is already insane tbh