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Editing By Vladzor GermanyUkraine
Frags by alterOk Russia

Vladzor (known for UT2004 movies: UnrealNorth 2, Abstract 1-2, Anthology):

Since 2017, I always wanted to make a QC movie, but QC has the problem, that it still has no demoreplay, so there were only video clips from twitch with webcam and bad quality, but I just like nice clean picture.

My old friend Alter, has been recording matches since 2017, with Nvidia Shadowplay, he had no time to make a fragmovie, so I suggested to do it for him.

Movie was done in 3 weeks and movie contains only duels frags 2017 -2019

1. Barren Gates - Area 51
2. Dj Virus - All your bass (Le Brisc Remix)
3. Joel Nielsen Internal Conflict


Movie File - Download 1.1 GB

Google Drive