Here's the deal. I'll make a fragged by Av3k movie. I want to use the best content possible, make the viewers' jaws drop and I'm pretty confident it's possible!

Some thoughts about the movie so far:
- I don't want to make a "tribute" video with a lot of pictures of Maciej, real life footage and all that bullshit... I think those are silly

- I just want to show quakelive frags, I'm pretty sure Av3k had some awesome frags in q3 and q4 but personally I think that mixing frags from different games isn't the best idea.

- I want to include frags from other gametypes, not only duels.

- I'm thinking whether I should use only frags from official games (online cups too) or just anything really (I think I'm gonna go for the latter.. more demos -> better content ..but much more work too)

I'll need a lot of help with finding the best frags. Obviously there's a lot of demos to go through.. Even gathering all the demos could take a couple of days. So yeah any kind of help is really welcome. If anyone's interested, you can either PM me or just leave a comment here. Oh, and it would be cool if I could contact Av3k.. does he have an account here or maybe there's some channel on irc where he idles?

Edit 14.08.2013
As donka proposed I made a public spreadsheet with some of the demos. Now everyone can participate in the creation process of the Av3k movie! Check the second row in the document to have a general idea what to do. Describe times with notes and use comments if in doubt. If by chance a demo doesn't work, colour it's cell in red. All vandalism is in vain, as I'll be making private backups.

Those demos are the ones from the pack by Spyyder. All taken in the period between 2009 and 2011. So here's a job for anyone willing to help but not really wanting to watch demos. Search and download demos from 2011 till now. Then either make a pack, or add them one by one to the list we already have.

Concerning Quake3 and Quake4, we also need people to look for demos. And as for Quake4 goes, I have no experience with movie making there, or even demo viewing. So it would be best if someone could lend a hand on that part (p0rt, shadowmaster? rofl) Otherwise, I'll have to drop the Q4 idea or take a lot longer to finish the movie. Sorry for my hectic english.