Christopher Brimer won a whopping $1000 dollars in total quakecon earnings, lives at home with his mother in his forties! Talk about success and autism intertwining and binding together! But please don't offend this guy because the autism level is off the charts for him! I had been banned from his NIR servers although not even sure if its his servers, when I told him that he copies k1llsen's config He tried justifying out of it saying "no I didnt it was diablo's config" then i said "oh, so you and k1llsen are both copycats!!" then he went and banned me for a whole year from a server that I don't even play go to. Wow! Talk about overwhelmingly powerful autism in this guy. You would think someone with quake passion could at least come up with some originality with his own binds and emotes. Copying someone else's is despicable, no wonder he never went professional, he didn't make the cut.