Sanchez really did it while not even attending! Gods do not grand wishes of mere mortals.

But we all know from the fact that Sanchez beats Serious easily 100:0.
And from the fact that Serious beats k1llsen.
Which super obviously shows to us that if Serious beats k1llsen and Sanchez beats Serious that Sanchez also beats k1llsen.

Now that k1llsen won QuakeCon we all know that would have happened if Sanchez participated.

Serious was not even attending, lucky enough for k1llsen.

Sanchez > Serious
Sanchez > k1llsen
Sanchez > cooller
Sanchez > Rapha
Sanchez > RAISY
Sanchez > Av3k
Sanchez > toxjq


Congratulation for Sanchez here in this thread.

Sanchez > Drejjk