Quake 4, ultimate game of all quakes.

Who plays
World Class Quake Experts.

We play on weekends in random time frames from 10 am to 10 pm, or sometimes from 10 pm to 10 am. Few hours a week is comfortable gaming.

High FPS Ukraine Server - 144fps gaming modes. Most EU players will have 20-40 ping there.

Ultimate Extreme Pro Server with 240hz gaming modes is run on special occasions.

Sign up for tdm matches, you need atleast 2 people. Post it in this thread with contact details.

What to bring
I suggest taking nootropics and nerver stimulators before game as it is too fast to take for many.
Also staying away from noob quakes like QC helps.
Sometimes, being predicted before you even think of smth, can get scary, so be sure you have a load of herbal antridepressants / mood stimulators.

Those who come and play may recieve a blessing from God that includes pro game config with picmip enabled and other tweaks.