Why you should just play Quake 4 over Quake Champions


1. Sound. Quake 4 has true surround sound, with clear footsteps, it does not have annoying voices, with good setup and EAX HD ADVANCED 5.0, you can hear everything around you. You will never get ambushed from behind by lack of sound. I have done now several recordings of QC and there are no footsteps sounds at all. Even when enemy is standing right behind you. But every 15 second your champion is screaming in your ears like an asshole.

2. Hitboxes. Quake 4 has small hitbox and same for everyone. There is no small hitbox for one champ and alligator hitbox for another. Same hitboxes mean fairness and competetiveness. Small hitbox mean the need to actually aim and training aiming. If you take a guy who hits 70% rail in quake champions, he will only hit 25% rail in Q4 because the hitbox and speed of the game is totally different. The higher skill gap the longer it takes to master the game the more enjoyment.

3. Server Browser. Good old server browser, is not that great? To get on a server? To setup your own server? Anyone can do this in Quake 4. Your own server with your own rules. I was banned on some 20 servers in the days of Q4 glory, due to my insane aim and overbearing personality. It was fun to see as you enter the server, which is full, and 1 minute later everyone leaves.

4. Movement, there is nothing better in quake series than Q4 movement, it is perfect, you can fly 800-900 ups across map without ever slowing down. It takes 2-3 years to master but it is insanely good.

5. Maps. Quake 4 has much more variety and much higher quality of maps done by enthusiasts. Maps in QC are horrible and you have no choice of map.

6. Weapons, I am sorry but to compare quake 4 rocket launcher and quake champions rocket launcher, is like comparing, death bringer to a candy thrower. Tripple air rockets? Watch q4 videos to understand the beaty of insane speed and aim with rocketlauncher that can hit targets in air if you aim properly. The shaft in quake champions is a joke, with mega short range.

7. Player base, here both games are dead. If you want to play someone you should bring friends. But what is the point of playing crappy game with random noobs?? In Quake 4 I only played people who were worthy, not some random players who don't even know what respect is and did not even do finger pushups before gaming.

8. Price. Quake 4 costs 4-5 usd dollars on steam, you get online key, and single player campaign. Quake champions, if you want to buy all champions will cost you 50 usd dollars or more, and if you want to buy sets and customization for weapon you will have to pay another 1000$+. So for 4$ for unlimited opportunities, or 1000$ for lame game?

9. Demos. Quake 4 has demo recording, Quake champions not. Demo is an essential thing for any game that is not a dumb arcade.

10. Config and total customization. In quake 4 you can change anything as you like, wanna take out weapon model? Easy. Wanna change enemy model? Easy. Wanna change hud? Easy. Timer? Easy. Change Graphics? Easy. Change voices? Easy. Setup crosshair size? Easy. Remove bobbing and stupid things? Easy.

11. Server regions. After QC removed russian servers and many other "regions" I say you should not even play it. Quake is not a game that is supposed to be played on 70+ ping. I have tested it and on 60+ ping to hit the target you need to aim 40% away from hitbox.

12. No fucket champions with abilities like throw acid and everyone dies. Because q4 is not a game for 6 year old kiddos, it is a serious game with average player being in 30s.

13. No spawn protection. Spawn fragging is a type of skill, it is a thing you train in, in normal quake. In QC spawn protections allows people to run around invulnerable while being able to kill.

14. Proper duels. If you have not been destroyed 90-0 in a duel you are missing alot. In QC duels are to 3 deaths. My worst duel score against a progamer top 1-2 region, was 50-0, like iudas. My best duel score was 135-0 against a player with 2 years experience. I have beaten 90-0 players like baksteen, drk, nani, falcuma and e.t.c There is a huge difference between winning 30-0 60-0 90-0 which requires alot of skill, speed, prediction and map control. It was never a challenge for God of War Sanchez to win anybody, but it was a challenge to win in high number. Toxjq beat iudas 24-3 but I beat Iudas 50-0, why? Because I am that much faster and my Aim is that much better. And Also I have methods of ensuring my own immortality. I have not died once in hundreds of duels. KDA over 9000.