I wanted a identical old abysuss shape mouse with a better sensor for quite some time now, when they released this refresh ofc i had to have one but mouse was heavy! like 30g heavier than old one, so it was collecting dust for a year now.... yday i was bored and i was like hmmm lets put this shit apart and try to make it lighter.. after taking it apart noticed immediately that top part of shell contains all the weight! and there it was, some kind of gigantic plastic weight which u can remove with ur screwdriver, so i took it off, but there was only one problem... i couldnt screw it back cuz screw goes into that shit, so i took SUPER GLUE, glued pcb inside so it wont move and upper part to lower, and VIOLA!!! SUCCESS mouse feels now amazing!!! its lighter then old aby now for like 10g it weights around 65gs it only contains pcb and this light plastic! So here u go if u want,small light mouse with all kinds of rgb and awesome sensor....






( fucked my upper part of shell with superglue thou, it doesnt come off but i dont care :) )