required :

the default contacts app is pink, so you need this

google calandar is crap and does'nt work when adding new events, so you need this

there are also 5 or 6 system updates from sony which you have to download 1 after the other, which is all about 2GB and takes 1.5 hours to download and install them all

default SMS app is crap like every xperia, so you still need this

and you end up with some andriod 8

does'nt charge to well with USB with, when connected to PC, the wall charger takes 1 hour to fully charger, i don't have the following though


i have a xperia z3 charger and a juice usb a -> usb c cable from argos

PC USB has enough power for the battery not to drop below 2% of the current charge the phone was at when you plugged it in