amongst other things:
Balance Changes for all Champions

- Reduced damage of all damage dealing abilities
- Cooldowns unified at 45 sec
- All active abilities disable shooting for 500 ms
- Walk speeds unified at 160 ups
- All ability explosion radiuses unified to 3 m
- All explosion min splash damage unified to 10
- All explosive weapon splash radiuses unified to 3 m
- All explosive weapons min splash damage unified to 10

New Champion: Eisen

New Arcade Modes:
- Instagib Classic: Visor-only, no abilities.
- Insta Mystery: Random Champions, Active & Passive abilities deal insta-damage.
- Mystery Sacrifice: Utilize the random champions you receive to capture and defend the obelisks.

Future Map in testing: Citadel

Performance improvements, optimizations

Added Weapon Position game option, allowing players to force all weapons to the center or right of the screen, or choose to keep them at their vanity weapon defaults.