Clawz plays like a retarded monkey with CTE on crack.

Glad he finally got esposed for what he is: a complete aim noob, which coincidentally is what he always was in quake live too, only that in that game a complete retard with good aim wasn't enough to win quakecon twice consecutively.

Additionally, those who knows him in real ife says he's always drunk and/or high. Which means he's likely to not ever win any major title ever again (look at what excessive alcohol and weed did to Cypher)

The good news is that Rapha seems to have found a playstyle that suits him in quake champions.

It took him some months, but he's now able to consistently wipe away the scum without even having to break a sweat.

Thanks Rapha for keeping it real and keeping retarded drunk monkeys away from titles they don't deserve.

(P.s. those who criticize Raisy's playstyle needs to stop playing this game ASAP, because it's exactly the frag cap and round style that allows him to play like that. So don't be mad at him for playing the game Id software provided us.)