Hey guys,

As some of you may be aware QuakeCon is just around the corner, and I think it's the perfect time for me to finally
achieve my dream of meeting my idol United States of America WinD of Acelerated Evolution and witness his preparation of this big event.

Since I am one of those "LG COME TOP" vets and I have hard times a d a p ting from Quake Live to new Quake Champions meta which is still too d y n a m i c for me.

I am hoping that meeting this legend will help me understand the meta and become one of top Quake Champions players myself.

I am planning to film this whole process and make a very educational documentary that will help the future generations
in their esports adventures.

With me I would bring my good friend United Kingdom gbmaster to help me do all this and hopefully we will get his new WinD
PC signed by the legend himself.

As you all know plane tickets are very expensive and we need plenty of fatal1ty gamerfood to give us enough energy
for this important task, and what kind of cunt would expect us to do this with our own money, so I have set up
a gofoundme page where you guys will donate.

We are expecting you to give us 16 000$ which is a very symbolic amount of money because that's how much money WinD
won in Quake Live legends tournament, when he defeated United States of America DaHanG.

I'm sure you understand.