On sunday the 18th of February it is time for the first ever OMG QL ctf draft cup. If you wanna participate go ahead and join the OMG League discord channel

Sign up information:

* Meeting place: this discord server
* Sign up start: 01/02/2018 09:00 CET
* Sign up end: 17/02/2018 14:00 CET
* Checkin ends: 17/02/2018 14:00 CET
* Tournament start: 18/02/2018 14:00 CET
* Format: 5v5 CTF. Teams split into two groups. All teams within the
groups play each other as best of 3. Best 2 teams to play in
* Map pool: Japanese Castles, Shining Forces and Siberia
* Bracket: coming soon!

How to signup
Go to OMG League discord channel and read the "announcement" tab


* Everyone is welcome to play, no elo requirements
* Don't sign up if you can't play
* Admins decision is final
* Omega will host the servers on Frankfurt


It will be streamed by Vidje

Discord: https://discord.me/omgleague

Stream: http://twitch.tv/vidjeee

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