Our beloved ESports observers and professional gamers, you shall be delighted to know that the most important community pro has been interviewed by a ProMode enthusiast, web casting sportscaster and twitch star, xeroslayer.

The original platform twitch is not great for podcast, and quality is pretty bad due to volume differences, but I compressed, EQed and filtered the audio, so the end file a whooping 2h30m of wisdom.


9:40 - is zero4 a nice guy
13:00 - xero thinks quake can have 100k players
13-22 - mean behavior in games
27:00 - xeros recipe for quake success
31:00 - Quake Champions problems
35:00 - brandan on quakelive
44:40 - brandan: syncerror and steve nix are like hillary clinton
47:00 - but syncerror is very nice
52:10 - brandan dates himself
1h10m - brandan enjoys zoots
1h20m - brandan suggests fat white guys are not culturally relevant
1h32m - xero wants casters to dress nice
1h38m - makaveli picking meat off the game
1h40m - id is victim blaming players for not playing the shitty game
1h51m - xero doesn't think quake is deep, but deep enough
2h03m - xero and brandan disagree on what the [id] flagship property is
2h06m - xero disrespects makaveli with respect
2h10-15m - game design by comittie
2h15m - rapid fire questions

Source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/208423521?t=01h43m53s