I haven't been on this site much lately, so i don't really know whats been the major topics or general discussions recently, but i have reliable sources leaking that he cheated and months later i havent seen anyone mention or even briefly speculate or just seen anything that clawz could have been cheating during quakecon. Perhaps because its an official LAN event and we're used to taking these for granted, or there are no POV demos yet (and he did not get much stream time, even in the duel matches, and especially not in the team games), or because hes a new face playing at a world class level people here might like to see more of - but basically i have it on some pretty good inside information that he proly cheated a bit at the event.

I cant give away my sources here right now, but even analysing some of his play, someone whos familiar with the way cheats work, or even more importantly knows how to play at a similar level at his consistency and hitting some of the shots at the consistency he was doing, can catch alot of suspicious moments. And maybe its been my inactivity but i haven't seen anyone say a single thing about it anywhere, on comments forums etc. There has already been controversy in cs:go where sponsored pro players were caught cheating at LAN tournaments, (and OW where i think winz called out a well known player, but i cant remember the details) and i believe even a couple of them were known for being the best players but i dont remember everything.

I can also give out that there was proly some under the table thing going on, between bethesda setting him up as this new "face" of Quake or star, and the prize money he won a majority of basically staying with them.

Would be great if someone could point me to any discussions about this, as it seems like everyone has jus accepted him as the best player ever with this kind of a record win, and only me and others i know hav analysed it, even beyond our sources. What is most concerning i think is the technology is now there for cheating as explained (ex. Mice have enough memory to hide hacks in them, backdoors can also provide remote access), but the technology doesnt seem to be there for prevention, at least as far as i can see, whether or not what is speculated even happend or not for any of these games/incidences. Logicaly to me it seems like the only way to thoroughly prevent/keep cheating in check is thru "manual methods" outside of any software. Im posting because of what i know and my sources; its extremely crucial this and the whole topic in general got some serious attention, not to mention combined/jus given the strangeness and extremely abnormal result of this event it should have already gotten some attention especialy by now.