damn.. my desire to play this game is like zero now that PUBG is my new addiction. It's sad though, I can't get into Quake Champion and there aren't any quake champion streams that i'd like to fuck with. Quake society is losing its touch man. I remember when it used to be fun to watch Rapha play quake but man, his quake champion play is boring af. I can no longer put my finger on who is the best playeri n quake anymore sincerapha didn't win QC million dollar prize. It's convoluted as fuck. SO When will they release a new comparably better game? Like seriously, man, I'm bored of af. I mean, I can only play PUBG for an hour before I get bored of that as well. Damn..I remmeber when i bought $10,000 worth of btc 7 years ago. Man. I just cashed out recently. life's good bro.