EDIT: Zero4 and Willits just announced that due to my heavy influence in the community there will be a QC EU event in 4th quarter of this year, part invitational and part qualifier, and Cypher/Agent are the first two invites. Thanks id.

Theres only one way we can send a big fuck you to id/zero4 with all the sneaky things they have done, first with the late announced EU regionals seed system, and then "losing" the paperwork that Agent sent timely and ending with a visa letter with his surname misspelled and no plane tickets information, i mean how much disrespectful the situation is? Im far from an Agent fan, but he won his place and put the hard work in. Also Cypha out, the stronger quakecon player in history next to Rapha. Thats 2 of the best QC players in the world out ffs.

Lets Boycott Failcon 2017, make those view numbers plummet, so they realize they need to get their shit together because we are a community that support our icons.