I finally wizened up and put down the last addiction I've held onto, ironically the first I started on when I was 13 y/o. Marijuana. I quit booze beginning of 2017, quit nicotine a year before that. Honestly, the pot was one of those habits I never thought much about as a real issue but it's become a serious problem for me. Even after 2 years of having a solid exercise routine, I still couldn't go a day without having major anxiety and panic attacks. Couldn't duel for shit, obviously.

So here's to sobriety. I'm on week 2 and feeling at ease although there's still bumps here and there. I'm lucky not to have stumbled down a much more dangerous path with drug addiction. With the support of friends, family, my wife, skies the limit. Sure, I'm 31 and wasted much of my time gaming and generally wasting precious time and health, but that's my path. I found my way out of the cloud.

For those of you that I have been a bothersome fool towards, please accept my deepest apologies. Thank you for your time esr.