Patch Notes CBT 15


Soon (tm) we'll be deploying another patch, as usual only a smaller update is going live at 8am ET. We'll be taking servers down for the deploy, and plan to have them back up around 11am ET.

We decided to react to the obvious inbalances of champions and had a slight change of philosophy. Active abilities should complement a champions play but we do not want situation where the match resolves around the use of active abilities and avoiding combat during downtime. Thats why we decided to nerf disruptive abilities while at the same time improving health and armor stats of weak heroes so players focus a bit more on map control and pickup management.

Here are the fixes for tomorrow's patch:


Anarki: Decreased acceleration while on ground to make him more vulnarable while trying to avoid hits by just strafing left/right in quick succession.

Clutch: Increased downtime of Barrier after firing a weapon to allow more counterplay/interactivity while the Barrier is up. We want players to be able to react when Clutch fires instead of just having to rely on prediction shots and spam.
Clutch: Momentum gain from dodge is now inversly correlated to his current speed in that direction. We enjoy Clutches new and unique mobility options but felt like it was too abusive when chained.

Gelena: Max Health increased from 100 to 125. We are satisfied with the offensive usefulness of totems but wanted increase healing synergy and increase Gelenas general power level slightly.

Nyx: Added a quick transition phase into and out of Ghost Walk during which Nyx will be vulnerable, but more resistant, to damage.
Nyx: Added a quit humming sound when transitioning into Ghost Walk that fades out slowly to allow opponents to chase here slighly easier.

Ranger: Dire Orb will now disappear after dealing damage. While telefrags with the Dire Orb created spectacular moments, it was too random, often impossible to play around for the oppent and invalidated our core gameplay design of health/armor control. This also allows players to willingly step into the Orb, taking damage but denying Ranger the ability to teleport. Overall we hope this chang increases interactivity while bringing down Rangers power level a bit.

Slash: Increased maximum armor from 25 to 50. we feel like it was pretty stupid to have a champions this weak not even being able to fully benefit from one of the major pickups present on each map.
Slash: Increased starting armor from 0 to 25 to bring her powerlevel up to par with other champions.

We update the Champions page on because it provided outdated information and it was emberassing to not list B.J. weeks after he was introduced to the game. We also added detailed information on how abilities, like Scalebearer Bull Rush, actually work and added lore to explain bsinteractions like Clutch being able to see Nyx through its Barrier