Problem Fixed! New problem here -

Hello i use 2 mouses to play quake and it is very nice. I can aim using low sens and if i run out of space i can just switch to my left hand. One big problem i am having atm though is that there are not enough buttons on the mouse so i had to get creative. A solution i came up with is to change binds when i change the mouse (this happens when i press +attack on the right mouse instead of the left). So this is the bind script i came up with -

bind f "+attack;bind d "weapon 5";bind c "weapon 4";bind b "+back";bind h "+movedown";bind g "+moveup";bind a "+forward";bind e "weapon 3";bind 5 "weapon 4";bind 2 "weapon 7";bind 8 "+speed";bind 7 "weapon 2";bind 1 "";bind 3 "weapon 8;bind 4 "weapon 6""

I even tried replacing every setting inside the "" with vstr's e.g. bind 8 vstr speed; or bind d vstr rl; by using seta speed "+speed" and seta rl "weapon 5" but for some reason it didn't work for some weps like the rl which was originally on bind 4 in my config and according to my script it should be on bind d once i press +attack but it wouldn't do anything even though console said bind d "vstr rl". Any ideas?