as we all know this game has a serious problem with enemy visibility, and because modern game require cosmetics to make money off kids forcemodel is not an option.

so i propose a very simple solution to this problem where you put a bright neon outline of the hitboxes over the enemy model. then you put an option in the settings to control the color of the outline.

the whole reason the forcemodels that were used in q3 were picked was because they most closely lined up with the hitboxes. if you simply make this information visible, then there's no need for forcemodel. a few people have suggested an outline over the player model, but that doesn't give the information that forcemodel gives you

with a simple outline over the hitbox, we reach a compromise get the gameplay information that we need without obscuring the cosmetics that are required for the game to make money.

i'm sure we can all agree this is a significant issue with the game that needs to be addressed as soon as possible