In this topic i would like to address the elephant in the room. This topic may strike as controversial, but this is not a popularity contest. Its about gaming, today.

We all know it. We don't like it. We deal with it.
Hand-holding, "get-out-of-jail" cards, "classes", "counters", abilities, heavy RNG, you name it.

Unfortunately these phenomena is a necessary evil to keep the modern gamer on a leash, ergo making the end product economically viable. The modern gamer seeks three things mainly:
I) Participation awards. This includes but is not limited to: achievements, skins, badges.

II) Rapid gratification/Fun factor. Quick emotional fulfilment which may or may not be due to abuse of game mechanics, overtuned heroes/certain abilities or overpowered arsenal. Any shortcut to short-term success manifested in gained rank/achievements/badges etc is prioritized before any intellectual or raw skillset gain.

III) Instant accessibility. Low level entry, skillwise and intellectual. Game customization and tweaking has to be toned down to minimize any conceivable advantage, e.g removal of picmip, bright models and so on. High quality eye-candy is required. Maps, movement, pickup trivialization is paramount.


The modern gamer dictates the market, where the competitive player is reduced to a cuck. Now, these privileged-by-wallet modern gamers have enforced their conditions upon shackled game Devs, and here we are.

So, gentlemen, where exactly does QC
--currently-- fit in this post-modern scrubfest?
High skillfloor, very high skillcap -- just like you know, quake, csgo? - The game would flop. Players would leave faster than you'll get laid in Tijuana.

Overwatch 2.0? - Eeeeh probably not that shallow but not that far off really. Somewhere in between for sure.

But the question is -- is a higher skilled overwatch 2.0 enough? Can we, the vets and the competitive minded players alike, come to terms that we are going to have to deal with huge simplifications, to part with our soul and become dumbed down to nurture this generation of lazy, self-entitled scrubs who vote with their wallet? Having played the beta, all i know its either that or Quake dies.