Hello. A month ago I bought a Logitech G900 in a trust worthy gaming shop I always buy gaming stuff in. But I didn't like it somehow mainy because of the weird sensor, don't really know if it's defected or anything but when I went down to checking serial numbers on the box and the mouse they didn't match (last 3-4 characters). So, today I went to this shop explaining the problem on what they said that it's all good as it's a common case when it comes to Logitech peripherie (a manager presented me another unboxed G900 and serial number there didn't match as well). He also said that if I wish I can send it on warranty diagnostic but before this I wanted to talk to community.

So do any of the Logitech owners here have this serial number issue too? And how does a G900 fare for you guys? Do you find its sensor weird too by any chance?