Every time I've played on OSO I've seen nothing but admins harassing players for completely nonsensical reasons. Constant kicking and banning for people simply talking to each other. The main admin bobg seems like he's always on edge yet every once in a while he actually comes off as reasonable. But even offering a different opinion to most of the admins on the server and they just instaban. What happened to the days when admins just adminned the instead of trying to push ideals and certain ways of playing the game on you. Even offering bob help when he was talking about server bugs and the person was banned, for offering HELP.

Then there's the constant manipulation of ELO by certain admins completely destroying the whole point of the ELO system. Yet at the same time they claim they are worried about the game being unbalanced. Seems like the entire server was created by people who have no history with the game and just need to feed there obsessive control freak tendencies.