I get the biggest frags. Nobody else gets frags like me.

man.. when i go on my comptuer, and play QUAKE i get FRAGS and its so cool... like - I get these things, and they're called frags ok? And its fun getting frags. FRags are fun to do, i do frags in real life sometiems is very fun. Do you know what i mean? You'll get there. Every once in a while i dont get frags and that is not very fun. I sell frags on the corner for $40 a frag because people like my frags, they only get their frags from me, ok? I make the best r=fragd and nobody else can say that... When i get a frag, its tremendous. Its tremendous. Its amazing. People look over and say "Oh hey their, i didnt see you there i was just busy getting frags! " is what i say to them because my frags turn HEADS Ok. People turn their heads when they heard my FRAGS because its so cool walking me get frags that people wach me get fragfs. I they wish they could get frags like I do. Nobody gets frags as good as mine and anyone who says otehrwise is a liar. A LIE. I am the biggerst frag and - girls get WET when they see my fragsd =]]] ok? FRAGS thats me . Hello, my name is frags? Is frags there"? Tremendous. I am the bet, the sure bet that whoa! one day that guy- that guy so you see that guy over there? He is going to get a frag, a big frag, and when yo usee it... HAHAH. That guy over there? He makes frags. He makes .. he doenst make frags,, he makes... FRAGS. OK? got it? got it?

II dont think people understand what it is when they talk to me ok... I get these things, and they are called frags. You wouldnt know a frag if you looked it iin the eyes before you saw MY frags. You could hang out at the gas station for 15 years and maybe not even come CLOSE to seeing the kinds of frags that i make ever y day pf ,y ;o pf my life. EVERY day of my liefe i am making BIG FRAGS that nobdoy esle knows about. If you saw my frags even once and then went back, you went back to that sttreet corner where you were the cool guy, everybody knows your name, and you go back there, and then you realize that you dont have it, and nobody else there has it, because you DONT GET BIG FRAGS. you didnt even know aht a what a big frag was befire you saw this ... and now when someone says "hey red guy!" whats up ? when someone says "oh hey, didnt see you there" its not enough. It doesnt mean anything because those are NOT FRAGS now that you have witnessed what a real frag is. ITs not going to cut it . you can chase the high but you wont get it because guess wghat? you dont get big frags nobody gets big frags like I do. and its something you will come down off and then.. and then what? nobody gets the frags like me=] and you are in a crisis center, and everybody around you is black, and then you realize that none of them knews what a frag is because.. you play QUAKE... you play this game, its called QUAKE and you just saw a big frag... and they all think theyve gone though something but meanwhile that FRAG,,, that big FRAG you saw is playing in your mind on repeat, because you saw me getting a big frag and its just looping in your mind every time you close your eyes, and you cant make it stop, you wont ever make it stop because you saw A BIG FRAG.