Someone pass this message to the marketing and promotion team of quake champions. They should promote the game in south asia a lot. Countries like china, singapore, india etc etc have huge potential to take the game to the numbers it really wants.

Quake 3 was really only famous and catered to the american and european audience. I hope they don't miss the chance this time around and also promote the game in south asia too. I love quake and such a rich player base not being taken seriously really saddens me.

Once a game becomes famous at my place, it really booms. For example my country has a huge CS culture. So much so that even today CS 1.6 has like 50 servers running with 20 something people on each one of them. Quake is definitely more addictive than CS so just imagine how much QC can boom if promoted well.

So if someone can pass this message, please do so to the marketing team. It will be a big win win for us quakers!!