Watch good players beast it up in TDM! Clips of some of the best players from around the world getting 10+ kills in a single life.

Watch for entertainment value, or for educational purposes - (how to set up and hold red armour, how to prepare for quad, how to use quad when you get it, routes to take around maps to ensure you get health and ammo as you kill people, etc).

Purgatory and Dreadful Place edition. Hidden Fortress added. Deep Inside (ospdm5) from q3 added.

Demos used and players whose POV is included for Purgatory:

Demos used and players whose POV is included for Dreadful Place:

For the record, I've barely followed international TDM scene after the Prague Lan in 2013 (that was when Australia had their last TDM competition), so I didn't use any demos from any LANs or major competitions after that. Feel free to point me towards major demo repositories from any comps/lans that happened after that LAN, so I can try and use for the next compilation. Hopefully Hidden Fortress.

edit 1: hidden fortress added.
edit 2: Deep Inside (ospdm5) from q3 added.