So, yesterday I showed up on the scheduled time and date to play my GameTribes cup games, just like everyone else in the group. Matr0x, who just lost 4 games in a row, got fed up with playing and after the 4 losses he said he didn't want to play anymore and forfeited the tournament.

Today (Wednesday) I get a message from LordSoth on skype saying: 'Ok, you have to turn up today and play your game V matrox. If you do not turn up then he will get the default win. Wednesday is an over flow day for games that are not able to be finished on the tuesday.'

So let me summarize: because Matr0x didn't feel like playing anymore on the official scheduled playday, he just quit after 4 losses. Now suddenly I have to come back to play him the next day, even though I freed up my entire night on Tuesday and have a full night of other stuff on Wednesday and I can't play then, Now I'm going to get the defloss?

The gametribes cup own official rules even state that: 'Anyone who is not able to play their game on the date they are needed to play or simply do not show, then that player or players will forfeit their game'. So sounds to me he made that 'overflow day' up on the fly to cover Matrox' ass.

So really, wtf?