Australia Frazer 'Fraze' Hockley
Hey guys as some people may know I talked about streaming post Quakecon, and now ive moved into my new place with decent internet im ready to start. The name for the channel is FrazeQL. The channel will revolve around me talking while I play explaining decisions and such as some of you may seen in a youtube series I did a couple years ago. Obviously the stream will be mostly quake live duel, although I may add in other game types occasionally as well as other games if I feel like it, although I wouldn’t expect anywhere near as many viewers during those times. The stream will be serious when im in game but then ill try to have a laugh and interact with anyone watching after games and answer questions and such as I can as best I can
Donations would be much appreciated and obviously the more I get the more I will try to stream to help people improve their games

Links: Stream, Donate, Covidea, 4Seasons Gaming