Last updated: July 2020

tl;dr: Do you play QL frequently, but not #tdmpickup? If so, why not?

Hello beautiful people, and landwhales too. Europe #tdmpickup has always had the potential for having a larger number of active players, but it has come to my attention that channel activity is dwindling in recent times. This thread has two purposes:

1. To preemptively answer some questions players may have regarding #tdmpickup and promote it a bit:

2. To find out the main reasons that are holding active QL players back from playing in #tdmpickup.

To be honest every reason will be of interest because it's reached a point where every single player counts, so please go ahead and tell us why you don't play #tdmpickup, or why you think other people don't.

Obscene language is welcome if it helps you express yourself.