Hi guys,

I think it would be a positive step to remove crosshair identification in Clan Arena for these reasons..

1) The prevention of focus/targeting of strong players

2) The prevention of focus/targeting of noobs

The constant focus and subsequent ganging of these players is an extremley negative aspect of this game mode. Every day I see 2 or 3 strong players annihilating the weakest players at the start of the round in pursuit of a cheap frag. It may be fun for the gang but not for the noob. The same goes for targeting strong players except it will be the whole team focusing on him/her.

Sure, names should still be preserved in the console and the scoreboard but I can see no legitimate use for them in team combat apart from the ones I have mentioned. This name mechanism should be a server side option not an obligation. Ofc they should be enabled in demo playback but not in live play.

Preserving opponent anonimity would make individual encounters potentially more dangerous as you would have no idea how strong your opponent was before you try to LG them to death, the identification edge would have been removed!
Also, I think we would see a reduction in aliases.

Another thing I would like to see is a return to the old spawn system used in earlier versions CPMA.

You spawn when the round starts (Insta-Spawn), no time to form a gang. This would dramatically reduce/stop the Bridge/Top/Grinder lets camp/gang them mentality. How many times have you played hidden fortress where 1 team camps the bridge and the other camps the LG or YA room followed by ZzZz ?

One potential problem with the Insta-spawn system would be the number of available spawn positions. Clearly there would have to be enough to accomodate all players at the same time. That would mean basing map selection on teamsize.
The Insta-Spawn system would turn CA into a more FFA based game as opposed to the current lets gang them system.

Some might argue that these changes would remove the 'Teamplay' element of CA but lets be honest when was the last time you played on an 8v8 server where the whole team played as one? Its virtually impossible to get 8 random players to play as a team (ie put the team before themselves). They always put self preservation first. They dont wanna take one for the team. True team games are played between clans who have practiced as a team. Pub CA is a teamgame in name only.

I believe If these 2 small changes were made it would make CA much more fun and balanced. They should both be server side options.

I love CA but I hate the gang

BarryBumCheeks <--- ProNoob