Totally unbalanced

Lets look from duel point of view:

Spawn system in QL was little unbalanced(random spawn and you loose). When mapper make its map he makes spawn places, but he cant make spawns perfect.
1. if he makes just 2 spawn places instead 10(for example). Map was boring and easy to predict for enemy. It means simplification of gameplay. It means in most situations player A makes 1st frag and easy makes 2nd and 3rd and 4th etc.
2. if he makes 10 spawn points, then he cant calculate and modeling future gameplay of his map. It was like in QL.
3. In QL in the start of game, players has different armors and guns- unbalance.
4. If in QC after every frag game makes something like map_restart, but with different score(frags) . Call it round system. It was boring and little slower. And again see path 3.

So we has (different guns, armors) (amount of spawn places in the map) (places of spawn points)

Best way(100% works) to avoid low speed gameplay(less speed), unbalance, noob mapper to make SELECTABLE SPAWNS. All like in QL(spawn algorithm) but you can in 5 seconds after dying select one of 3-4 spawn point, or you can just press fire button to spawn automatically like in QL. Also it brings more tactic to game! Also it very easy to implemetation for programmers.

Now, about characters

The problem that insulting my head is that all characters has different abilities. But it cant be balanced! I just show 3 characters. But we has 12!

The main idea that every school boy select his character and love it forever. Like every boy can found its own love in QC. So everybody should love QC. So id get so much money as Microsoft or Goggle.

May be its true, because of Mortal Kombat and other games...

But we know that in MK gameplay totally easy. Easy scheme and balancing characters also very easy. Just different animation, different combos. But no spawn system, no map control, no timings. I'm talking about 90% of gameplay that is very different and more complex that in MK.

Now to 3 from 12 abilities.

Teleport sphere, fast strafe to different angles, promode movement.

Teleport sphere vs fast strafe. Can you see balance?

Imagine im on dm6 sitting on red and wait for spawn, i throw teleport to RG and while it flying i take Red and in one moment after i get RG. Amazing time cheat! Or may be i throw teleport to shards near LG.

If im on BloodRun wait for MH and throw tele to Red im also big time cheater.

It makes game much unpredictable for enemy. Also most situations of positioning on map should not work as before in QL or totally not work.

So teleport big time cheat and position cheat. But positioning and timings may be 60% of gameplay situations.

What about catching? If you fight for MH in BR you can throw tele to GL and easy disappear from enemy. in one moment.

How Fast strafe eliminate Teleport sphere? Ok im strafing every secong and opponent cant shoot me with any gun: Rocket, Rail, LG not worked!

So one player time and position cheater - another strafing every time and being like in god mode no takes any damage.

What a game it be?

Compare this 2 abilities to Promode movement that may be 20% faster than normal VQL. I think promode movement players loose to any of this 2.

So you love Promode but you cant win any game =). Situation between love and every time loosing.

Is that normal?

And dont forget that we has 12 heroes! Totally chaos!

Or we just found most imba hero and play only him.

Dont you forget about ELO?

In QL we everytime has different ELO players. So most of them everytime loosing, because no valid opponent and they start to hate Quake and go for DOTA or any stupid RPG where many ppl just love to chat and speak and clicking one mouse button.

How to calculate player ELO when different HEROES playing?

It stupid chaos game for kids, with no ANY professional elements. Just play for week and go to QL.