So basically I played 10 games or something against one of my russian friend nzx (aka exet aka faze, top russian CA player). As you know, now that I'm on 144hz 250fps + same settings and razer abyssus for years he didn't win a single map, but still did good actually.
During our games I asked him if he ever played latrommi, cooller or cypher at CA. He said "yes)".
Asked him if they any good at CA, there again, he said "they're good".
Later on, when our little practice session was over, after the usual "gg's good night cya hf! :)" he said this to me in steam chat :

But the question is and remains : Why can't I get off thunderstruck ? :( Playing 2v2/1v1 on thunder with music is one of the best feeling I experienced during my whole life :D. I must be kind of autistic or something, but you all already know, I'm mentally ill and I take meds so that could explain it xD.