I built a new Skylake system. i5-6500, 16GB DDR4 [email protected] and Asus H110M-K (I should have really gone for a Z170 indeed). PRoblem is my G402 is so shit on 500Hz on this system. I had constant 500Hz (+-2) with my much older PC (Athlon X3, 4GB DDR2 800, lowend Nvidia Geforce 8200 mobo). So I tried flashing latest bios, tweaking it, tweaking win10 drivers and registry. But nothing make it better (well disabling all power saving features on bios like C states and Speedstep made it a little bit better, but not constant 500Hz). So it there a way to fix it?

I think the problem is xHCI host on this lowend mobo which controls both USB 3 and USB 2 ports but maybe there is a magical fix I couldn't find yet.