Like you already probably know, i bought overwatch yesterday, and i plan on playing it a lot when the game is finally released (24th of may).

I will be playing "soldier: 76" only because i went from lvl 1 to 22 in 3-4 days while playing this character only.

My best kill/death ratio with him was like 28 kills 4 deaths or something. I also did better than a lvl 60 player in 3 games. Then he left :>

Since my PC can handle overwatch ez (210+fps average depending on the maps), and since I'm not forced to play with a retarded circle crosshair, and I have the choice of using a large cyan cross and on top of that FOV 90 > all, everything is fine basically.

For all the haters saying thunderstruck is useless and not quake, I can tell you that all these years playing it made me a more than decent overwatch player after only 3-4 days of playing it.

I hope that I won't get bored by playing overwatch 24/7, if so I'll go play reflex and thunderstruck anyway, so it's ok

I won't play starcraft 2 multiplayer (even tho i finished all the 3 campaigns with the 3 races (terran, zerg, protoss), and it was a VERY enjoyable experience actually), because there is no way i can reach top player lvl even if i play it 24/7, i won't have the patience and dedication to do it, and all these years i've been playing much more FPS games than RTS games like starcraft or warcraft.
I'm 27 years old, I think it's pretty realistic to say that at that age you can't beat a nerdy 16 years old korean dude that plays the game from 8 to 12 hours/day for 3-4 years in professional conditions.

So yeah, I think the best option for me is to play overwatch from 1 to 4 hours almost everyday with my beloved hardstyle music radio ( and then play with friends that have the game and are good at it too (preferably french players, because it's much easier to communicate in french in a game like ow imho), make a team and play hard go pro :D.

TL;DR OW will probably be my main game because I already ordered it and plan on playing it at release (24th of may) with the character "soldier: 76" only and also because I did very good in the open beta with this character annnnnd..... I can play with music which is awesome TL;DR