This is for players contemplating creating some kind of tutorial in how to play some mode in Quake Live. I've seen various tutorials on movement etc. But nothing that really breaks down the mentality of a duel, to give one example.

Forget the words. Create a youtube vid with one lone demo. Talk the new player through every single moment, pausing as long as necessary for the explanation.

For example: The first spawn. Talk about spawns. Where you spawned. Where he might have spawned. What you're thinking. The importance of spawns. How they can dictate a match.

What's your motivation? Where are you going? Why? Where is the enemey? Why is the enemy there? etc. etc. etc.

The thing could be damn well 45 minutes, but I think it's better than a bunch of words.

In some sense, I think TooGood already does this in a much less informative way, during one of his streams.