I have a clean win 10 install, clean latest gfx driver install, i reseted my config, i ran the config thru config optimizer/cleaner and i got rid of autoexec. ( fps drop was there even with default config).

Before win 10 i was runing tiny7 with a radeon 4850... everything ran nice no fps drops constant 125 fps.

Now with win 10 and radeon 7700, quarantine at one certain spot i get fps flux of cca 20 fps.

The interesting part is when i switched to vertex then i get stable fps.
Is radeon 7700 worse in some way, wtf?

Any1 has any more ideas what can i do?

usefull: http://www.overclock.net/t/988215/how-to-remove-your-amd-gpu-drivers-new-2016