I never tried to get my G100s to spin out, but I just got a G303 and decided to try, and it's reasonably easy to get it to spin out. Not by any kind of movement you'd use in game, but if there's even a small amount of ninja in your family tree...not too difficult
But I then noticed it was far easier on some servers than others, so surely it's not a purely mouse-related issue? (again, at normal speeds, even fast flick shots, the mouse works fine)
I understand that artificially high CPI can lower the signal/noise ratio of the sensor and cause it to lose tracking at high speeds, but I'm only using it at 2000 CPI. Nothing major. Gonna drop back down to 800 anyway, but still a little concerned that it's not consistent across servers. Okay, it's possible that I wasn't swiping it as hard on the servers where I couldn't make it happen, but I don't think so. It seems like a software dealie. I might experiment with restoring the factory default to the surface tuning, but...I dunno. I'm thinking the CPI thing is more likely. I recently gave my pad a scrub, so it's not full of dirt and dead skin cells.
Anyone know what the true native CPI of the 3366 sensor is?

Anyways...I'm curious to see if I can make the g100s spin out now.