So I'm the market for a new mouse and I'm currently using an FK1, but I'm almost sure I'll get en ec1-a for a better grip now that Zowie have updated their lines. My only concern really comes down to the tracking of the mouse after comfort and well performing sensor is taken into account.

What I mean is, can I do better than the ec1-a with the 3310 in terms of tracking? The other thing that I'll need is a good sensor implementation for whatever mouse I get, low jitter and no acceleration or angle snapping, 400dpi, etc.

Also I want to get a new mousepad that suits me well. My idea of a good mousepad is something that does well for in-game tracking, a quick start, ability to place accurate and well placed shots and some speed for slingshot aiming. I have in mind the artisan hayate otsu MID, as a lot of people recommend artisan pads and they seem to live up to some of their marketing.